Second Autumn, 2011

Autumn is my favorite season. It lends itself so perfectly to my inner mental landscape. My brain is full of trees so orange they look as though they are on fire.

Since I lived in the Southern Hemisphere from February to three days ago, I get two in 2011! I’ve been calling it The Year Without A Spring, because I won’t see any flowers poking up from the Colorado snows until 2012. Three transitions to winter in a row, Colorado and France sandwiching Chilean Patagonia.

One thing that is inevitable about autumn is the constant change of temperature and weather. The need to dress accordingly can seem an impossible task at times, although after the It-Was-Literally-Pouring-Two-Minutes-Ago-But-Now-It’s-Hot-As-Hades transitions of Colorado and Patagonia, I’d like to tell myself that I have some skill in dressing for change while still looking put together. I made three new outfits for this fall by cleaning my closet out and using the spoils to sell at consignment shops and then give away to Good Will when the girls behind the counter inevitably sneered, “Well, this jacket has a slight ketchup mark on the cuff here…Sorry…”

Results: Five new pieces, lots more space in the closet, and people who need clothes helped. And I am only $20 in the hole. Without selling, it would’ve been over $100, and without shopping at the consignment stores…well, I don’t even want to know. Part of living this confusing and foggy part of my life is that I am BROKE all the time. Or rather, that I constantly have to save money to be able to follow my callings to travel and languages and living off of cheap-ass baguettes and cheese in Annecy. Because of this, I’ve found ways of creating style and looking put together without paying money I don’t have. A lot of thrift stores and flea markets, a lot of DIY, and a lot of reusing and layering pieces so that they can transition from season to season.

For your consideration.

Outfit #1

Belt, Top, and Skirt by the infamous Tar-jhey (Target). Boots by Annie. Necklace from Cuzco Market. Wrap from Ferrara Market.

Total cost: $80 (boots were an investment of $50 but I wear them every day in Fall/Winter

With a pair of cheapo tights, this could move into late autumn. Right now it is 95 degrees outside. Tights are a no.

Outfit #2

Belt from some shirt my mom gave me. Wrap from Ferrara Market. Tunic from Buffalo exchange. Tights by Target. Same boots.

Total cost: $70 (Everything but the boots was under $15)

NEW TUNIC. I love it. And again, with a thicker tight it could work for winter.

Outfit #3

Belted shirt from Plato’s Closet. Necklace from Ferrara Market. Jeans by Levis. Boots from Peru.

Total cost: $110

Jean are one of the few things I cannot buy in consignment stores. Being 6’1″ really limits the availability of pants that are long enough, so I usually have to buy them new. I wear them into the ground (or until the crotch rips out, as has happened with my last five pairs).








I hope to make these little cheapo fashion interludes a regular part of this blog, in addition to the travel, photography, opinion, and soul-searching that it might take as its direction. Then again the Reverse Retrograde may take its own direction once it is established and go somewhere I would have never imagined.

3 thoughts on “Second Autumn, 2011

  1. Jumped here from your other blog… interesting and shiny looking!! Also, holy crap I didn’t know you rocked photography!!

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