Weekly Outfit

When it draws a compliment in the line at the grocery store, it might be worth documenting.

-Tank from Target $8
-Shrug by Olivia Sky $14 (Clearance at Nordstrom Rack!)
-Skirt from Plato’s Closet $4
-Boots from DSW $50
-Earrings with Andean Cross by Taller Rayo de la Luna, Puerto Natales, Chile $10
-Necklace with semi-precious pendant $10 (Clearance bin at Nordstrom Rack!)
I’m hoping to make these little fashion interludes a regular thing. It helps that my style appears to be evolving into an even-more-hippied-out and yet modern grown up wardrobe.
That was a ton of adjectives. I’m still working on how to label it, I suppose! Taking suggestions!

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