My Favorite Waste of Time

I’m finding that the One Change Challenge is really easy for me so far. I may eat my words in a couple of weeks, once I’m living in France with a new homestay and wandering Europe again…and consignment stores have become scarce.

So I went and found a couple of new things at Found Underground, a consignment store in Downtown Lousiville. A few small things for my European Adventure, the fashion antithesis of thePatagonian/South American Adventure.

Have you ever had a love affair with a dress? This was love at first sight. I knew it would fit just perfectly and hang well, plus it’s stretchy so I know that if I gain a couple of croissant pounds I’ve got some give room.

When a dress makes me feel like this--I just go ahead and get it, because it will take another five years before I find another...
A mustard yellow leather carry-on bag? Hell yes. It has to carry all my important my books...

Almost time to wander off again.

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