L-Ville’s Resurgence

Louisville has really grown up over the years since I graduated from high school. Now the downtown is all trendy, feeding off the local and organic and cute trends that are part of an American small town revival. It keeps getting named the best town in the States to live in, raise a family, etc.

I have to tell you that those kinds of claims drove us crazy as high schoolers. We wanted to be from somewhere difficult and dangerous, damnit! We wanted something to blame the hollowness we felt on. We were being stifled by suburbia, man!

We were spoiled angst-ridden teenager scum.

Now that I’ve been back for some time, it seems like a pretty awesome place to live. The Happy Hours downtown were all calling me while I wandered around taking pictures, and there is some of the greatest coffee, organic produce, and mooolicious ice cream to be had.

Too bad that property values have quadrupled in the time since high school.

3 thoughts on “L-Ville’s Resurgence

  1. LMAO!!! “We wanted to be from somewhere difficult and dangerous, damnit!” I’m glad I moved out of the ghetto eventually, now when people in Colorado tell me that a certain place is “ghetto” I can’t help but laugh.

    1. Well, Five Points in Denver is probably the closest we have to one, but Louisville it sure isn’t. We bred artist malcontents who wanted to subsist on melancholy alone…from our parents’ basements.

  2. East Colfax and Aurora is close to being ghetto. Five Points is being gentrified, I’ve always found that concept funny especially when it was done in Harlem, NY just because Bill Clinton opened an office there.

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