Losing Days Like Blinking

Torres del Paine, June 2011
Occasionally a day blends into an evening blends
Into night 
Almost too lightly
And I lose a day like blinking.

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The Roaring Twenties


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  1. Was this sunrise or sunset? Either way it’s gorgeous. I only cried out of sheer joy once ever in my life so far… that was when I was at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Maybe some time soon I can experience it again going to other places around the world.

    • Torres del Paine looks quite a bit like Grand Teton National Park, or vice versa. I cried a couple times at its beauty. This was at sunset in the middle of winter.

      • I love sunsets, they’re my favorite time of day. I’ve seen quite a few awesome ones living in Colorado, I want to catch some on the western slopes though especially for photography. When I lived in Florida sunsets around the time major storms and hurricanes were ending had some surreal use of colors.

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