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Fading Sunlight

I’ve been home just over a month, and things are settling into some kind of normal. Chile and the South American Adventure feel distant, impossible. It has the quality of a dream I can’t quite remember fully, punctuated by the jarring waking up of coming up the escalator at DIA after two cancelled flights and endless delays in the fight to get home. It was like the spell broke in that moment, and suddenly I was back in my “real life.” First world, safe, and cushy.

I’m wandering off again tomorrow afternoon, at 3:33 PM Mountain Time. It’s looming large today, and I’m feeling oddly nonchalant about living for the next couple of months on yet another continent. Am I getting jaded on Leaving? That big capital Leaving that means you’ll be thousands of miles away…the one I’m finding easier and easier each time.

South America changed my nose most of all, it seems. I notice the sweet wafting dry grass rising from the baked plains, the caramely perfume of the mountain pines whispering through Boulder at night…the cacophonous sensation din produced by the I-25 corridor. The sunlight has a truly different quality in Colorado, just as it did in Santiago and Puerto Natales and Cusco. A different flavor. Like sweet ripe wheat.

Sometimes I can’t figure out what I’m trying to say, and photos do it better.

This blog/rambling space/art gallery is about to become a travel blog again. Though I like to think that I’m always traveling, even if I’m only in one place. Complacency terrifies me.

I don’t ever want to settle down for good. 

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