The Next Goodbyes

Annecy- La Petite Venise

It’s the next set of goodbyes in this year of traveling. I can never tell if it gets easier or harder every time.

Today is November 2, 2011. One year ago, I was still working in my office. Nine months ago, I was preparing to leave for Chile. Eight months ago, I had just begun the journey. Seven months ago, I’d made it through my first two weeks. Four months ago was my last week at Escuela 5 in Puerto Natales. Three months ago, I was in the driest desert on Earth in San Pedro de Atacama. Two months ago, I’d just made it home. One month ago, I moved into my host family in Annecy.

And today, I go to Brussels. In a month, where will I be? And in two months? Three?

A defining characteristic of my early twenties is their constant flux. In the last six years, I’ve not known where I would even be living in six months once. I’ve moved 14 times since I was eighteen, and in the last two years things have truly picked up. It’s interesting to always be making new friends, having lovely experiences together, and then leaving almost at random.

I think I prefer this way. No slow drifting apart, no fighting. Just a defined, somewhat sudden transition from friend in town to friend across the globe. And now I have a worldwide network of people to stay, meet, and keep in touch with.

It’s never truly a goodbye, more of a “See you later.”

A bientot, Annecy!

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