How Does a Hippy Dress for Work?

In lace and Huayruro seeds

At my mall job, I’m allowed to dress down on Sundays. That means jeans, Peruvian accessories, and layered clothing.

Clothes: Target, Buffalo Exchange, and H&M 
Leaf Earrings: Annecy, France
Huayruro Seed Necklace: Cuzco Market
Leather Booties: Lima Market

I also got to choose all the beverages for my parents’ Christmas Open House last night. Which meant home-infused whiskey and wines from all over the world. And Colorado microbrew, of course!

5 thoughts on “How Does a Hippy Dress for Work?

  1. Amazing… per usual. I’d be disingenuous to deny that I absolutely adore your style. Seriously, I’m kind of embarrassed that I’m unsure as to where I may begin, or at least ashamed of the fact that to begin would result in my feeling the need to include the entirety of my reasons. haha It doesn’t help that your pictures are always ideal, so clear, colorful and full of well-situated shadows… and all most by accident. I’ll end the flattery with a PS – Those are my favorite colors, from head to toe. Remarkable.

  2. Random question – Did your parents ever make their own cold medicine? My grandmother did, from cherries, honey, rock candy and whiskey… or moonshine. haha

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