Hey Y’all…I’m on the Radio!

As of this week I am a regular correspondent for Paleoradio, a progressive show onPublic Reality Radio, WPRR, 95.3 FM / 1680 AM, in Grand Rapids, Mich. Listen to Paleo Radio streaming audio at http://publicrealityradio.org/ or watch the program via stream video at http://livestream.com/paleoradio. I’m on every Tuesday and Thursday giving you ideas for how to change the world and your life!

It’s in the same vein as my One Change Challenge, started in August 2011.

Today my thoughts are with those who continue to fight the wildfires in my favorite place on Earth (so far), Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. The picture above is from July 2011, and shows the area that will now be blacked with scorched earth.Follow me on twitter to get updates straight from my friends in Puerto Natales!

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