Oh Crap. I’m Suddenly a Hipster.

Amazing how a single accessory can change the tone of a whole outfit. This is a rather buttoned-up outfit and artsy-choppy new haircut (even shorter than before), but the glasses truly make it.

I’m only able to afford these babies because I work in an eyeglass store in my local mall. I think that the continuous torture of immersion in consumerist culture and the especially cruel weeks of Christmas music were worth it.

The things is, they change the tone of my outfit to hipster immediately. I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. I’m pretty happy with my hippy identity. But at the same time I enjoy being able to be flexible in my fashion and even my identity. Stagnation is death. Constant change is life. Besides, I still have my woven wristlets from Magallanes, El Calafate, and Cuzco. A hippy sneak attack.

It was $5 Day at my favorite local Consignment Shop, Found Underground in Louisville. Needless to say, I spent a whole $20. My Kick-Ass Boots had a bit of wardrobe malfunction three weeks ago, when the right one lost its zipper completely. Being non-consumer, did I just throw the boot away and then go buy a new cheap pair? Hell no. I took the boot to my local cobbler, and asked them to resuscitate it. $33.33 later, she’s back.

Glasses: Gaya by LaFont, Half-Off Wholesale Employee Discount
Button Down: Banana Republic, Found Underground, $5
Black Sweater: Mossimo by Target, Found Underground, $5
Ultra-Skinny Jeans: H&M, Gift 
Kick-Ass Boots: Common Threads Consignment, $40 (Repair to right boot, $33.33) 

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