Korean Fashion, Here I Come

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a fashion-related post, mostly because life is too crazy. I barely have time to put on makeup and run out the door to the bus, much less set up decent photographs.

But that’s what Saturdays are for. Today I felt like making myself up like a woman from the actual Roaring Twenties (not just the crazy decade of my life I’m currently navigating). The pictures of my silent film inspired dark and smudgy eye makeup didn’t turn out, but the short dress and liberating haircut draw some flapper into the outfit.









People in Korea are so freaking fashionable! I daily feel like a schulb because I’m not in a massively-feminine, massively-preppy, massively accessorized outfit. Seriously, the teacher’s assistant at my school dresses like a K Pop star and daily puts my meager efforts to shame.

I’ve decided to try to develop a new stylistic direction while I’m here, because Korea is the perfect environment to experiment with new makeup, accessories, and outfits. I don’t have to fear looking tacky or clashing prints and colors, as it appears to be the conscious goal of many here to look purposefully ridiculous.

At the same time I intend to stay true to my principles of free-trade, environmentally-friendly clothing as much as I can. Part of my endeavor into Korean fashion with be simply putting my existing clothes together in different (read:tackier) ways. As soon as I find a consignment store in Suwon, I’m set!

All-Leather Boots: Lima, Peru
Tights: Lotte Mart, Suwon
Prana Travel Dress, Pashmina: Found Underground, Louisville, CO
Slip: Buffalo Exchange, Boulder, CO
Boina: Puerto Natales, Chile
Perfume: L’Aimant by Coty, from the 1920s sampler pack from the Perfumed Court

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