Your Fancy French Necklace? Not As Fashionable As You Think…

I think this shot captured me very well accidentally. I had meant to have a Korean Fashion post, but I need to get a tripod before I re-attempt. Balancing the camera on a precarious ledge isn’t conducive to the best self-portraits.

I made a point to wear a necklace that I bought last year as a gift to myself for my birthday with my outfit yesterday, wanting to use some of the beautiful jewelry I brought with me to Korea.

“Teacher, your necklace is weird,” said one of my students. The others assented.

“It looks like a dog collar!” They all cracked up. Oh well. Dog collar necklace sounds avant garde and edgy.

Luckily, I can embarrass my students handily by fawning over their pictures and posting their self-portraits to show how cute I think they all are.


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  1. It is a lovely necklace and an excellent portrait.

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