What Exactly Am I Eating?

It looks like a pretty innocuous plate of sushi (kim bap, à la coréenne). Then you notice the sprinkles.

What in the name of blueberry jelly is this? Sushi with sprinkles? It must be special dessert rolls, without the typical fish required of sushi rolls. I pop one with bright colors on it into my mouth.

Nope. Canned Tuna+Sprinkles+Blueberry Jelly= Whatever-The-Hell-I-Have-in-My-Mouth-Right-Now. I taste a hint of cucumber as well. Who came up with this combination?

What. As my students would say, not really a question so much as a statement of incredulity. I’m in the adventure now, though. Nothing for it but to sample the next sprinkled one.

It’s worse. Oh, way worse. This one has the addition of crispy Funion strips that clash horribly with the fish and the jelly that was almost evilly hidden within. My tastebuds are fighting an epic battle, but they appear to have been pushed to the back of my throat and are making a final stand with their backs against my gag reflex.

I normally don’t think of raw mackerel as a palate-cleanser, but today it’ll have to do.

4 thoughts on “What Exactly Am I Eating?

  1. I’ve alternated between being fascinated, delighted, and disgusted by some of the things I’ve eaten in Korea. Sushi with sprinkles is definitely among the disgusting!

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