And Now, Your Daily “What?” From Korea

Man in hospital garb, attached to a rolling IV drip, stands unattended at an intersection in Ansan. As I watch, he swings the IV up and over his shoulder to carry it more easily.

If you can carry your IV over your shoulder, do you really belong in the hospital?

3 thoughts on “And Now, Your Daily “What?” From Korea

    1. This was a real patient. They let them out for a wander (and a smoke, plus probably a little Lotteria) every afternoon/night.

  1. Funny! We’ve seen the same thing here at the local hospital in Huntsville, Alabama, USA, where people hobble down the hallways, attached to the IV fluid bags, dragging the IV pole with them out to the smoking area. Some of them are seen going back to the kidney dialysis section of the hospital, which says something…

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