Fair Trade Jacket + Sparkle Scarf + Sock Bun = Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

It was recently my birthday, and I am now a very adult-sounding 25 years old. Since I live far away from my family, the birthday was spent with my boyfriend in Seoraksan National Park. It was perfect.

It’s been a long time since I did a fashion post, mostly because I end up wearing the same shit day in and day out due to my moratorium on buying any new clothes. It’s also purposefully frumpy teacher shit that I wear every day, in the attempt to seem more serious at work and to counteract my womanly curves to keep things appropriate with students.

For my birthday, I got a beautiful fair-trade cotton jacket from Mata Traders. It fits just right and it’s a perfect weight for the late autumn days. I decided it was too va-va-voom without a scarf, so I added the sparkle scarf I bought for myself one year ago when I lived in Annecy.

Playing with the scarf, forgot about camera…

The best addition to the outfit was my sock bun! I found out how to do it on Youtube and after destroying an old pair of tights I had my very own. It makes my hair look five times longer than it actually is, and gives it shape and volume. It’s a beauty life hack.

My ass-kicking boots and high socks made the outfit complete. I hadn’t felt this well-dressed in quite some time. 

Bolero Jacket: Mata Traders $15
Ass-Kicking Boots: Consignment $39
Turtle Neck: Nordstrom Rack 
Jeans: H&M 

2 thoughts on “Fair Trade Jacket + Sparkle Scarf + Sock Bun = Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday my dear!

    The scarf is to die for, but question izzz… how on earth are you buying such fashions on line (and shipping to Korea?) i.e. dunno about Korea, but trust that few online stores will ship here to Vietnam. ;(

    1. Remarkably many online stores ship to Korea. In rare cases where they don’t, I send them to my folks at home and then they send them along to me.

      It’s often just a question of a few more dollars. Maybe the post in Vietnam is a bit more unreliable or too expensive for retailers?

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