Travel Without Traveling

Korea is rapidly morphing into the Korea that I arrived in, last February. The change in seasons has unexpectedly made me nostalgic. It’s strange for me to be in the same place for all four seasons… especially to watch the view out the window change with each passing month. This is travel without traveling. It’s almost time travel.

(Here’s the window in Spring and here it is in Summer)

As I slip toward my ninth month in Korea, I notice that the seasons here appear to follow the calendar precisely. On September 1st, the oppressive heat of summer broke. On October 1st, the fall weather came in full swing. And now in November, it’s rapidly becoming winter. I even have to wear a coat outside during the day. I keep hoping for snow and getting rain instead.

In less than two weeks I go home for Thanksgiving! \(^_^)/

After that, the Korean Adventure will truly begin to draw to a close.

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