First Christmas, In Many Senses of the Words

Decorating the Apartment!
Decorating the Apartment!
Consignment-Only Christmas
Consignment-Only Christmas

Christmas is coming, and I’m in full swing here in Korea. Christmas sweater and all!

I’m truly excited for this year, in a way I haven’t been in three Christmases. It’s a chance to see how awesome the new year will be, a distraction from all that change and stress that seems to be creeping in even though 2013 has yet to begin.

Winter brings sunshine to my apartment!
Winter brings sunshine to my apartment!

Life seems a lot less stressful when there is good tofu soup on the stove, a nice hot wine in a mug, and cheap oranges that are so ripe it hurts in all the supermarkets. I even bought some LED Christmas lights that make my apartment glow as if there were a glowing fire in the kitchen. Much safer than real fire, obviously.

Beautiful LEDs to make an apartment a home.
Beautiful LEDs to make an apartment a home.
Cheapo, but who needs to know?
Cheapo, but who needs to know?

In all my years of traveling, I’ve never been away from my family at Christmas. Each time, I’ve come home in time for the Christmas party that my parents throw each year, to recount my adventures to those who want to hear and since I turned 21 to select the beer and wine.


I’m sad that I will be in Korea and far from them, but this year brings its own happy present already! It’s the first Christmas with the man I love, the first of many together. I have no fear of spending it alone, and in fact we get to establish our own traditions without pressure from anyone else. A dream, really!

May your Christmas season be merry and bright!

Sweater: tienda de ropa americana, Puerto Natales, Chile (~$5) 
Skirt: Found Underground, Louisville, Colorado ($5) 
Boots: Common Threads, Boulder, Colorado ($40)
Socks and tights are not consignment…my bad. 


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  1. So happy for you, Pink. Even though we’ll miss you, we’re glad you’re having a good holiday season with Russell!

  2. Beautiful post! Sounds like a lot of “firsts” for you — enjoy them.
    ~ XOXO ~ Nensi

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