BREAKING NEWS: North Korean Rocket…

…goes pretty much as they planned, and nobody in my neighborhood in Suwon, South Korea even seems to have noticed. In reality , this was just another quiet morning in the Land of the Morning Calm.

No panicked people running through the Gok. All clear!
No panicked people running through the Gok. All clear!

The news broke around the world, and as I’m sitting around in my pajamas with my first cup of tea and in Twittereality, the shit has hit the fan. I pulled some gems from my Feed and here they are in all their glory.

They range from the mundane: Picture 76

To the WTF: Picture 66

Picture 75

Picture 64

To the people calling for war:Picture 78Picture 67

Picture 69

Picture 46

Picture 56

Picture 58

To the hilarious:Picture 55

Picture 41Picture 57

To the woefully inaccurate: Picture 77Picture 75

Picture 61

To those who decided to use this launch as a reason not to discuss gun control in the wake of an actual domestic terror attack at a mall in Oregon: Picture 73

Picture 74

But then, maybe some of the hysteria is due to a certain movie released recently (ed-Ray awn-Day, I’m looking at you): Picture 80

Picture 51

Picture 52

Picture 79

To the usual knee-jerk OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST reaction: Picture 68

Picture 69

Picture 70

Picture 71

Picture 72

To those who think it’s some prophecy:Picture 62

To the Goddamnit-Now-I’m-Embarrassed-Of-My-Nationality:Picture 81


The rocket apparently flew on its projected path, over the South part of the Korean Peninsula and Okinawa and launching a satellite before its final stages splashed down off the Philippines. They pulled the same in April, but I was too ill with the flu to really notice.

Korea with Okinawa marked. It's a lot farther than I thought, actually.
Korea with Okinawa marked. It’s a lot farther than I thought, actually.

Nothing with North Korea worries me more than the fearmongering that the media and popular culture feed into about it. Just this small sampling of the opinions on Twitter produces an incomplete, but worrying picture. Listen folks.

I live 50 miles from North Korea.

It was no big deal here. In fact, you would never notice anything was going on. Despite my meager efforts here to collect opinions from Twitter, don’t let the hype paint the picture of what the launch was actually like for you. Instead, look at this picture from this morning. Calm. Clear. Cold. And silent.

Don't freak out. Here's something sparkly to distract you.
Don’t freak out. Here’s something sparkly to distract you.

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