More New Pages!

Puerto Natales 2011
Puerto Natales 2011

Reverse Retrograde is undergoing something of a professionalism upgrade. Here’s a juicy look at the added Black and White Photography page and the newest addition, Writing! I hope to add to my professionally published articles soon, so hit me up for freelancing if you’re keen.

Also, I’ve started a nerve-wracking page on the site that will help me to overcome my fear of sharing my poetry. I’ve been a poet since before I knew what the word even meant, and I once spent a whole semester writing notes for classes in Haiku (in high school). I hope to force myself to publish some of the work I consider my most private. I’m not certain that I will update it very often, but the idea is there and it’s ready for viewing just in time for Valentines’s Day.

Expect many more posts in the week to come, as this is a key transition point for me. Korea is coming to an end, and India is beginning. It’s fitting that the lunar new year falls in mid-February…I always seem to be picking up and moving on at this point in the year.

Check out the new pages and thank you all for following this blog!


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