New Poll! Would you travel to India?

Since December, tourism in India is down. In the case of female travellers, it is down 35%. I’m not certain that I would ever go back to India, as my experience was not the life-altering and magical one I’d hoped for. While we were travelling there was a terrorist attack in Hyderabad, countless cases of murder, and the terrifying gang rape of a Swiss woman in Madhya Pradesh. The day we left a five year old girl was found after being kidnapped and raped for three days in Delhi, near where we were staying. The focus in the media has been on those cases, but for me the daily grind of India (without major incident) was bad enough.

But I want to know, as a new story breaks this morning of a US tourist gang raped in Northern India, would you ever travel there? I certainly don’t believe that India is the only dangerous country in the world, and I also do not mean to imply that India is all about harassment. However, I did feel particularly threatened while travelling there. Even with my 6’7″ boyfriend, I felt more unconfrtable than I ever did in Italy, South America, or even in my own US of A. Despite my attempts to dress appropriately, I never felt that harassment was far away. Ultimately, our decision to leave early and cut the trip short by more than two weeks was hinged on how uncomfortable I felt as a woman in India.

I hope to treat thesse issues with more depth once I am not at the beach and technically on vacation, but for now please give your opinions. I want to hear what those who’ve been to India think, what those who have not been think, and everyone else! Polls

4 thoughts on “New Poll! Would you travel to India?

  1. Try south India on your next trip. I have travelled there eight times and never had any troubles. It is a lot less touristy and may be more the Indian experience you are looking for 🙂

    1. I spent just over a month in South India, and unfortunately found that the corcerns were much the same. While it’s true that the North feels “rougher,” it’s no walk in the park to travel in South India, either. With the exception of Goa and Bangalore, our month there was every bit as tiring and worrying as the North.

      It’s just not a good fit for me!

      1. I’m so sad to hear that 😦 At least you can say you have visited India which is more than most can say 🙂 Have a great day ~ Lakshmi x

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