Coleen’s Thirty Pretty Projects (Courtesy of Already Pretty)

I’m in something of a fashion transition at the moment. I’m planning my fourth move abroad in as many years, but this one will be more permanent. I’m moving to one of the most fashionable cities in the world. I’m now 25 years old, and I feel too mature for some of my old style. I will be epically broke in the coming year (Thank you, master’s degree). On top of it all, I gained a fair amount of weight since this time last year and I find myself suddenly plus-sized on top of being 6’1″.

As a part of this transition, I plan to get rid of almost all my clothing. Anything that cannot fit into a backpack and a small suitcase has to go. Anything that no longer fits has to go. I plan to sell, gift, and donate most of my jewelry and much of my clothing and reboot my style with more investment pieces and adult choices. Hopefully I can make enough to justify to myself the price of a really nice pair of leggings to wear around London, or a nice pair of straight jeans (since I currently have exactly none that fit properly).

As I was beginning this fashion transition, I began to follow one of my favourite style blogs more closely. Already Pretty is a blog with a mission to show that body knowledge gained through explorations of personal style can foster self-love and self-respect (from Already Pretty’s Mission Statement page). Sounds like exactly what I need! I’ve been focusing hard on not snarking at my own body in the mirror at yoga, and trying to find ways to wear the clothes that I already have in new and more plus-friendly ways. But it’s hard. Real hard. I find myself looking at the pictures from when I had a borderline eating disorder with longing. That has got to stop.

Accordingly, I made the first of many investments into my new style. I bought the Thirty Pretty Projects guide from Already Pretty, a PDF that guides me through 30 days of consideration of style and appreciation of my body as it is. Its only $5! Even I can afford that.

I plan to post about my endeavors and to share the pictures that I am supposed to take. Accountability is important to me, and my fashion blogging is one way I keep myself honest. My fashion blogging has absolutely tanked since I’ve gotten bigger as well, because I feel so much less comfortable in my clothing and in sharing my style while I look “big.” To give some perspective, last year at this time I was swimming in a size 29/30 at H&M in Korea. This year, I don’t even truly fit into my size 33 Patagonia jeans.

Today is the first day of the Thirty Pretty Projects. Already, I realized how hard taking and sharing the photos will be. My wonderful boyfriend helped me, but a mini-breakdown over how tight my skirt was showed me just how much I need to spend some time on body acceptance and style.

It’s especially difficult to reboot my style because I don’t want to buy from the soul-crushing textiles market that brings us blood on our jeans and cheap tops. I hope that I will be able to find most things from consignment and thrift stores, but I can’t make promises like I did in past years because of my new shape. The other day I spent about 15 minutes in a consignment store that had 1000% more size zeros than I’ve ever seen in one room. Something has to give occasionally.

Follow me on Twitter and on this blog to keep up with how I’m doing on the project. I hope to bring style back to Reverse Retrograde in a big way, while updating my style for what lies ahead.

Check out the progression of the project here! 

4 thoughts on “Coleen’s Thirty Pretty Projects (Courtesy of Already Pretty)

  1. I have been reading Sally for a long time. I’m very proud you are participating in this. You are a lovely young woman, and the notion that you are “plus sized” only points up how ridiculous the fashion industry has become. Have fun finding your new “adult” pieces and enjoy the transition; it will likely be the first of many to come.

  2. Found my way here from Already Pretty! I’m looking forward to checking out your style challenges, too!

    If I may, it always seems to me that “plus” size is this arbitrary label put on things without regard to height. I’m 5’2″ and I can’t imagine being a foot taller and wearing the same size I’m wearing now. I imagine if I were taller, I’d put myself in a bigger Russian doll shell and everything would be sized accordingly. It seems to me a tall woman who is healthy and active (my friend who is 5’11”) is easily plus size by virtue of proportions.

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