Maybe My Style Is Developed Already?


I’m doing the Thirty Pretty Projects from Already Pretty to help myself transition stylistically and develop better ways of dressing my newly plus-sized body. I struggled hard the first week and haven’t found time to write about the second, but today I went to try on bridesmaid dresses. I found this fantastic dress and styled it with red accents…to great effect!

Maybe I know a bit about this style thing after all.

7 thoughts on “Maybe My Style Is Developed Already?

    1. Newly officially plus-sized. I’ve gained a bit of weight since this time last year, and although my boobs are always plus (plus plus plus haha), I had been wearing a size 10 in dresses/pants last year in Korea. I’m now a 14/16.

      It’s hard to define because the high fashion definition of “plus” is a size 8, and the perception of “plus” is sometimes different from how I look because I’m tall. I’m sure you get it! 🙂

  1. I definitely do! I’m a 10/12 in dresses but a 15/16/17 in pants size. I have the hardest time because being tall and categorically plus-size, I find that the style blogs I’ve looked at for “curvy” women don’t work as well because of my height or my specific dimensions. I also understand the boob thing too. Basically, Victoria’s Secret is my only hope for fitted bras that lift the ladies properly. Good luck, Coleen. This is a cool project!

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