International Blanket


72 down, only two times as many to go!
72 down, only two times as many to go!

Pintrest is my new obsession. Now that my partner has travelled back to England due to visa restrictions, I have to keep my hands busy or I will completely lost it. One month apart doesn’t seem like much. But consider that we spent 236 consecutive days together from when we moved in together until yesterday evening.

Thus, my pintrest projects are spinning out of control. But this one was started months and months ago, with a ball of gray yarn in my apartment in Suwon. The idea is to capture a year of international living in the fibers of the yarn, and make an international blanket from 2013. I’ve worked on it in all the countries I’ve lived in/travelled in this year. It’s a little over a third finished, but I hope to power through some skeins this months while I’m trying not to go nuts with Russ on the other side of the world.

Check out my Pintrest for boards with DIY, Style, Hippie Beauty, and ideas for my someday home.

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