Resurrected Lettuce

It's aliiiiiive.....
It’s aliiiiiive…..

I’m re-growing lettuce from kitchen scraps! I had seen this on my Pintrest and thought it must be really hard to coax the plants back to life after being harvested, refrigerated, and decapitated. I cut off the leaves and made  삼겹살 for dinner one week ago. I saved the scraps, and put one into a small bowl of water. I put it on top of the cabinet, without any sunlight, and left it.

Today, there are whole leaves growing out of what I’ve always thought was dead trash! This is revolutionary. I will be re-growing so much food in the future. How long do you think it can keep going? For instructions about how to do this for lettuce and other great foods, click through. 

From Living Better
From Living Better

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