Long Week, New Lipstick, Accidentally June Cleaver

November 2013
November 2013

It’s been awhile, friends. I am working diligently on the latest instalment of the Great Accent Shift, which should be up later on today. My MA programme is taking up every available second of my life, and this week was particularly frustrating. Our lecturers are working on submitting their first 2014 publications or have other commitments and have left many (most?) classes flapping in the wind a bit, with the poor PhDs trying to cover as many lectures and tutorials as humanly possible. The fact that one or two snapped at us a tiny bit this week tells me I ought to bring them chocolates or at least a card for their efforts. Maybe even a “Sympathies on the Loss of Your Free-Time, Social Life, and Sanity” one, if I can find it.

By own sanity has been at stake this week. We moved house. My parents were visiting. I had three (four? I don’t remember anymore) extra classes in addition to my usual full-time schedule. My boyfriend’s parents met mine for the first time ever. I was told to study harder in a class I’m already spending about 12-15 hours per week on. I screwed up my quizzes royally. I couldn’t find my usual beer at the store. I can no longer properly sleep in past about 7AM. I now have less than three weeks until the end of the term. I’m over-budget on the month already.

Where did all the time go?

So today, as a reward for getting through these last insane weeks…I bought a coral lipstick. Actually, the name of it is, “Shocking Coral.” I spent a long time walking about in the Superdrug and I’m pretty sure that the staff thought I was just shoplifting because I left to check prices at Boots and then returned to loiter another 20 minutes. I decided to bake this afternoon in the new kitchen, and use the apron my parents got me while they were here, forgetting that I was also (by chance!) wearing pearls.

Courtesy of The Realistic Nutritionistt
Courtesy of The Realistic Nutritionist

And BLAM, I’m suddenly June Cleaver. Er…some modern, pierced, wearing jeans version of June Cleaver.

Pearls and…gauged ears?
Pearls and…gauged ears?
New kitchen, new apron!
New kitchen, new apron!

At least I wasn’t vacuuming…

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