The Great Accent Shift 2013 – November

It’s a two-post type day. Here’s the latest video from my long-term, accent-tracking project. Warning: I forget how to speak at one point and out pops a swear that I lack the skill to edit out. The NSFW language is just after 4 minutes in. And if you watch this, Nana, I didn’t mean at all that your way of saying “Salmon” is bad! It was just cute it came out that way.

I’m not going to analyse this just yet, because I’m a little too tired from this week to do additional work. Will analyse tomorrow or Sunday. Enjoy the video!

Totally confused? Get the details on what this is about and why I’m talking for ten minutes on Youtube. And then watch October’s video.

Disclaimer: This is The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE). It is essentially the Jersey Shore, but perhaps even more scripted, and NOT representative of Essex in reality. Take it with a massive grain of salt, and listen to the accent. 

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