My Changing Daily Look

I never used liquid eyeliner until I returned from Chile nearly three years ago, but it’s become indispensable since then. I find myself wearing a full face of makeup far more often than usual here in London, perhaps because of the thick layer most women seem to wear in the city or because I’m always wrapped up to the neck. My face is practically the only part of my body anyone can normally see, and I want to make it noticeable.  I’m staying true to my hippie beauty roots, and wearing cruelty-free makeup.

I’m obsessed by winged eyeliner at the moment. They just keep inching bigger and bigger. I’ve also started to learn makeup techniques from the early part of the last century, which feel at home in London’s Georgian neighbourhoods and Edwardian streets. Coupled with the short flapper hair I have at the moment while my pixie grows out, I’m a mix of vintages. I even started a Vintage Style board on Pintrest.

Two looks, two different days. Which is your favourite?

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