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I’ve had a good day off. Normally my Wednesdays are completely taken up with phonology problem sets and assignments, but today I arose early and got to work right away.

I got up early, showered, and even shaved (a rarity these days)! Then Elance, emails, and NPR. Then cleaning the kitchen. Then I randomly decided to bake a cake, which turned out to be vegan because I had already made the batter once I realised out fridge is devoid of eggs. That done, I went to the shops to buy the beginnings of garden supplies. I sowed lettuce and zucchini. I spraypainted a tin can and taped a pen to it, and made a birdfeeder. I tried some home-infused gin in an elderflower cocktail. Then, I tried to do phonology. I failed, generally. As I do. But I made a bunch of things with my own hands. Me 1: Phonology 0.

I’m currently building a phonological features chart of doom while listening to TED talks before jewellery class. Oh, and writing a blog post.

Most productive Wednesday in weeks

2 comments on “Day Off: Do As Much As Possible

  1. Nana says:

    A nice way to spend the day. How did the cake turn out? I’m sure you’ll have lots of birds to watch. Keep a list. Love, N

    1. Coleen says:

      They cake turned out great! No pictures, because it got eaten very quickly.

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