Look at that bezel. So much work!
Look at that bezel. So much work!

This little mofo took me three weeks to set in my silversmithing course! It’s pretty now, but not without its imperfections. This is what I love about making jewellery with my own hands; I have a whole new appreciation of how much work goes into the pieces I wear. Even more reason to buy them ethically whenever possible.

Next one will be easier.

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    1. I take a silversmithing class and there is only 2.5 hours per week. This is the first bezel I’ve ever set, and the instructor is meticulous that everything be right. Hence, three weeks.

      1. Well, we were expected to make the bezel in three hours. However, we all had problems, because we had never made one before. It took al ing time, and I’m proud of it. No need to be mean about how long it took.

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