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The Octopus’ Garden is making progress, in the tenuous English spring. Today we went to get more supplies and new pots for some of our charges, since the zucchini are growing well and needed more space. Our onions have also come up, and the garlic is growing intensely.

My favourite find today are the Dreadnought beans we found. I hope they grow big enough to hit costal targets at a distance of several nautical miles. The lettuces and potatoes are coming out, but the peppers and tomatoes seem to have stalled in the periodic hailstorms of this March. Hopefully it will warm up properly soon and they will get growing.

There’s also another DIY project that needs an update: our second batch of homemade mead! The first batch was a quick mead that we made for Christmas, with success. This is a bigger batch, split into two 5-litre fermentations. One was put into our fermenting cabinet from before, and the other we kept in our room. Both have the same amount of champagne yeast to drive fermentation. A noticeable difference is already showing up.

Cabinet batch

Cabinet batch

Batch in our room. Note the colour!

Batch in our room. Note the colour!

We hope to have both meads bottled and cured for weddings later this year.

One comment on “Garden Progress!

  1. laurie27wsmith says:

    Watch they don’t explode. 🙂

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