Making Modern Art at the Tate Modern

Getting all modern.
Getting all modern.

It’s all about art imitating life, imitating art. And photos taken front he perspective of the paintings in the main gallery. I absconded to the Tate Modern on the south bank of the Thames last week, feeling like a sneaky artist for just walking into a world famous museum without paying an admission fee. Inspired by the weird and often easy-seeming art around me, I decided to make a photo essay of art made at the Tate.

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Postmodernism is all about deconstruction and turning things on their heads, so what could be more edgy and avant grade than making art in the art museum? Some of the photos are just your usual tourist snaps, but even those could arguably hang next to some of those black and white photos of poles and hold their own.

Staircase 1
Staircase 1

Things got a little weird….

Staircase 2
Staircase 2

But in the end art is heaven anyway. Especially free art.


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