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Sorry for the lack of editing, and the lack of analysis. I haven’t posted an accent video in months due to a combination of being too busy, being too apathetic, and having a little bit of a crisis of faith in Linguistics. I’m posting this for your analysis, therefore.

What accent do you hear? Do I sound strictly Statesian? What words sound different from the first video?

4 comments on “Accent Shift 2014-2014: April

  1. traceybarski says:

    I definitely noticed a difference in how you sound. Even the way you say “in fact” has a British… leaning, I guess. It’s definitely not a true British accent. (Or English; whatever you prefer to call it.) But I can hear in certain words just the slightest shift. I don’t want to call it a twang because that’s commonly associated with American southern accents, but that’s, I think, the word that keeps popping into my head. Very interesting!

    1. Coleen says:

      Thanks for taking time to comment! I am happy to hear it’s not just in my head. I’ll do some proper analysis one of these days….

  2. mmonroe841 says:

    al-lum-IN-ee-um for sure.”difficult” in the opening narration is different. closing my eyes and just listening, these words sound different than my lifelong memory of your accent: aunt theater cot almond library

    1. Coleen says:

      I have a feeling that it will all go away as soon as we land in Denver this June! Interesting, though.

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