The Octopus’ Garden Has Grown!


3 April and 9 June
3 April and 9 June

I began planting seeds in March, when the weather finally pulled out of the balmy winter London experienced. In April, we planted in earnest in our little container garden which we christened The Octopus’ Garden. The progress is incredible!

12 March and 9 June
12 March and 9 June (excuse the laundry)

My goals in life grow simpler and simpler as I grow older. I used to have lofty goals, and still do (giving a TED talk will be harder without a PhD, but maybe better if it’s experience-based instead). Material goals do not include a mortgage, a brand new car, or a smartphone.

I want a yellow teapot, and a spinning washing line. And a garden. I have one of those goals now.

We already had our first harvest, but soon we hope to have tomatoes and zucchini, along with beans and onions.

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