Untitled Aperitif: Choose the Name!

What should I call this newest addition to the Summer Cocktail School?

12.5 ml French Brandy
25 ml Pimm’s Elderberry
12.5 ml London Dry Gin

Shake hard over ice, and top up with 100ml of dry sparkling wine. Swirl a spring of rosemary through the finished product, and then use as a garnish.

Herby aperitif cocktail!
Herby aperitif cocktail!

For a sweeter, less boozy version, try the one on the right with dry sparkling cider. The small dash of brandy is more prominent in this version, and the colour is ruby instead of rose.

Send me your ideas for what cocktails I should learn to make. I want especially your weird and interesting ones, and ancient recipes from times when people drank anti-fogmatics in the morning.

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