Better With Bacon
Better With Bacon

This is another instalment of the Summer Cocktail School 2014. I’m working and writing a dissertation, but I find myself with a lot of afternoon time on my hands these days. In the interests of expanding my knowledge of the world and gaining skills I didn’t have before, I’m making a cocktail or two each week. Then I sit in my garden and try to taste the various flavours.

The one today comes from this recipe,


which I put on my Pintrest board for this project. I substituted Scotch whiskey for the Rye, since I’m in the United Kingdom. I also added some sparkling water, as I have found I’m not accustomed to the taste of straight spirits, and a little bit of cold-brewed Rooibos tea. I omitted the Liquid Smoke (because I don’t have it), and gave it some of my very first bottle of Angostura Bitters.

This one looks really pretty, but was a little disappointing on taste. It’s cold, and because of that a film of bacon grease formed on the top…gross. The first sip was ‘eh’ but the rest has been all right. In the last sips in the small glass, it’s grown on me. After warming up a bit, it’s much more possible to taste the tea and the bacon.

Yep, that's bacon in there.
Yep, that’s bacon in there.

One thought on “Better (?) With Bacon

  1. sounds like anything w bacon should be served neat, w/o ice. have to admit, I’m giving advice blindly, have never had a bacon cocktail before… 🙂

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