“Pisco Sour,” London-Style: Cocktail School Summer 2014

Just like in South America!
Just like in South America!

Pisco is a liquor that is made in Chile and Peru. When I lived in Patagonia this drink was a beautiful aperitif, which I shared with friends and my adopted Chilean family.

It was always refreshing, and I’ve been craving it lately. My lack of travel is wearing me down, causing me to tear up at random airline adverts and pulling me hard in the direction of some very silly place thousands of miles away in the coming year. The London Pisco Sour is a balm to soothe the wanderlust, if only for tonight.

This one is an approximation, because Pisco is rather difficult to find in London.

  • Juice of one lime
  • Juice of one lemon
  • 50 ml of cheap Brandy (it must be cheap to taste right) 
  • One egg white, raw

Make certain that there is no yolk in the separated egg, as this will mess up the foam.

Add ingredients to cocktail shaker (or Mason jar with a metal lid, as in my case). Shake very hard over ice, and tap on the counter when finished. Double strain over ice, and serve with cocktail straws if you’ve got them. If you don’t, whatever…many bars in South America don’t, either.

Look at that foam!

Bonus Hair Progress picture:

Nearing my shoulders!
Nearing my shoulders!

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