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I let this rustic bread rise overnight, and baked it this morning. The secret ingredient is a half a cup of red wine mixed into the dough. It gave the bread a bit more depth in flavour and made it more savoury. This time, for once, I didn’t forget the salt!

It made a very arty sandwich for the husband.

Five Michelin Stars

Five Michelin Stars

I’m always making Tuscan-style bread by accident, with no salt. It’s really good, but it doesn’t taste quite right sometimes as toast.

I love making bread. It’s nice to have a big kitchen with lots of equipment to do it in. Being unemployed at the moment makes it so that I have loads of time on my hands, for bread making and hair styling.

Triple Triple Braid

Triple Triple Braid

My hair is actually long enough to do things to now, and it’s great!

Bonus: kitty picture

Cashel, my parents' cat

Cashel, my parents’ cat. Confused by the camera. 

One comment on “A Little Break From Iceland: DIY Bread and Hair

  1. prettyloved says:

    That bread looks so tasty and wow your cat is cute! 🙂

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