Search Engine Enigmas

The search engine terms for my blog are hilarious at times. I check the little table on the stats page from time to time. It tabulates the results for the current day, the last week, the last month, and year by year. My blog averages about 25,000 views per year, or around 68 views per day every day. A huge number come from web searches.

In 2014, my stats map looked like this. 135 countries!

I find it really funny to see what kinds of search terms bring people to my blog. It’s a private part of the blog that I’ve decided you all should get to see. Below are the funniest and most common search terms that bring people to Reverse Retrograde.


application for fbi background check 

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.45.45

Last Week (Selected)

fbi background check application form

bangalore beautiful local women hd photo (????)

hippy wedding nibbles 

how to make cot and pillow using toothpick

how much south korean saving money

renew z visa tefl copy

gwanaksan trail

what is an arc to teach in korea

how long are chinese z visas good for

list of documents to apply for china z visa

teaching abroad neocolonialism

neat acronym in gnb korea

visa uk

Last Month (Grouped by Topic)

fbi application for background check–fbi background check application–find application for fbi background check

how to dress in india–how to dress for my trip to india–modest look for a tourist in india–how do women in india dress–how to dress like you are in india–“how to dress for travel in india.” reverse retrograde.

hiking gwanaksan-gwanaksan how to get there-subway station gwanaksan

into the glacier iceland

safe to travel alone to south korea

skaftafell to selfoss–selfoss to skaftafell

co2 capture brewery colorado avery

how to fill a cas twas application form

lemons in korea

reality about saving money via tefl–save money in korea

e2 visa application for korea instructions–south korea e2 visa-arc cost korea–korea arc delivery time–korean embassy web arc

list of rules at korean dmz

bullet buddhas official web site

cost to send final documents to korea teaching

neocolonialism and teaching abroad

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.50.45

2015 So Far (Funniest)

penis park-seoul

ucl ma linguistics fuck

beet beer diy

the auto biography reverse of ganga

hot indian butt

unbreakable indian ladies ass in closeup photoes

why clouds in london are moving so fast

why teaching english abroad is bad

koreans use lemons

can i wear leggings while traveling in india

fully clothed women in beach

2014 (Top)

Short mead recipe (solstice mead, etc) = 72

How to dress to travel in India (appropriate attire for visiting india, female tourist clothes india, etc.) = 71

Saving money in Korea = 44

Hiking Gwanaksan in Seoul = 23

What should I do instead of graduate school? = 10+

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.41.292014 (Funniest)

pride of spitalfields cat

ways to stick it to the man

“my neck is long”

can you get lemons in korea

both wee wee and poo poo

john denver necklace

families swimming fully clothed

enjoying salwar leggings ass????? ( a fair number of unpublishably filthy search terms seem to come from India, worse than this!)

inappropriate art

no pants party

i have deception on my application for tier 4 what should i do now?

slogan for india poo

can fat ladies wear legging and kurta

merry go round question during job interview

How some of these search terms bring people to the blog is a question I may never be able to answer. Pretty funny to look at, though!

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