I Live In Cotton In Shanghai

It’s Hot. With a capital H. When I got up at 7:30AM today, the sun was already a blistering height in the sky. I’m struggling to get the weather to come up on the Internet, but it seems that the heat simply never goes away. You know how sometimes in summer, it’ll cool off at night? No. Not in Shanghai.

coleen to delete 051Our very apartment building seems to inhale the heat of the day, and exhale it through the tiled floors at night.

coleen to delete 094

I live in cotton. It wicks, somewhat. It’s light. It absorbs my dripping sweat. I have black cotton, which is strategic. It doesn’t show the sweat.

I haven’t made a style post in a long time, but today felt as good a time as any. If you’re wondering why I’m wearing bright blue tights….a word…chafe.

I’m wearing:

Black Cotton Maxi Dress: Target

Cotton Scarf: From a store dedicated to cotton in Xujiahui

Blue tights: Target

DIY pompadour hair: By yours truly

Payal: Etsy.com

Stay cool, everyone!

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