Birthday Outfit


I got a box full of goodness from the US for my birthday this week. It had some great things in there, especially since I’ve been feeling like I just wear the same shitty tank tops over and over and over again (and said shitty tank tops have almost all been sweat through by Shanghai’s summer heat).

I put on my best 1950s pearls and a pompadour hairstyle, and the new cardigan from Modcloth. The perfect, pocketed skirt came from Armed with vintage style, we went to the Shanghai soft materials market near Nanpu Bridge and ordered a 1940s-style custom suit. It cost just £93 for a jacket, skirt, and shirt. I’m going back to pick it up in a week, and I hope to show it off on this site soon. If it works out, I could totally see myself becoming addicted to getting clothes made.

More posts of some substance coming soon on RR. I’m working to be braver and write about experiences and such, but my laptop is also kaput as of recently.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Outfit

  1. I love this photo. You look so pretty and happy. The outfit is lovely. Can’t wait to see the new outfit. Love you, Nana

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