Does it snow in Shanghai?

It does, actually. Even though I could have been tempted to say, ‘When Shanghai freezes over,’ as a turn of phrase this summer…that day is here. It’s the coldest it’s been in 35 years. I would never have believed how cold it is here. Colder than Patagonia. Colder than Colorado. If only because the buildings have no insulation.

coleen to delete 075
In summer, it was unbelievably hot.

Layers. Layers. So many layers.

Three shirts. Merino baselayer. Trousers. Four sweaters.

Indoors. Yes, Indoors.

Oh lord. It is so cold. So. So. Cold. Also, here is a whiteness comparison of my pallor and the wall in our apartment.

Pretty close. No Filter.

Here’s the snow from today in three videos!

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