Beer in Situ: Song Tasting Room

The Pertinents

  • Song Tasting Room
  • 259 Jiashan Road (near Jongjia Rd), in the alleyway under the Jiashan Market arch
  • Founded in 2016


Tiny but great! It was like a dream. The music was essentially my playlist for the last seven years, and making me feel like maybe there was an interesting Universe moment. The place is just down an alleyway and feels like an actually cool place in Shanghai.

I asked for a Stout and got a cider. Meh! It was good. We tried three of the four beers and they were all very high quality. In particular, the water seemed well-treated and tasted unlike the tangy Shanghai water. The pale ale was the best.

No food as far as we could tell, but there is a lot around. This is technically a soft opening, and they are brewing new beers to come out soon. Can’t wait to see what comes next for them, and we will definitely be back.

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