Iceland: The First Forays


I’m still a little bit jet lagged, but we’ve been in our summer home for a couple days now!

We are staying and working at a working Scout camp in Iceland, near to the town of Selfoss. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but very exciting to settle in and get started with our training.

Jet lag Face with Rain on Top, right there….

It could not be more different from Shanghai in terms of the place, as it is so calm and quiet, filled with nature. Our next door neighbour is a hydroelectric power station. We work for a non-profit, outdoors and in the kitchen. There is a beautiful, crystal clear lake. My knees are sore from wandering but in a very good way.


It’s a wonderful place to spend the summer, and I can’t wait to do more.


Here are a few public goals for the summer:

  • Hike to the hot river four hours from here
  • Learn many new things
    • How to lead archery
    • How to get kids to rock climb
    • How to pull people out of the water if they are hurt
    • How to cook more on the barbecue
  • Crochet some stuff (shawl, maybe?)
  • Get better at photography
  • 30 days of Yoga, followed by many more after that
  • Live more healthily
  • Gain experience so that we can run more hostels/camps/B&Bs
  • Make many friends from all around the world
  • Figure out what’s next after this…at some point (no real rush)
  • Spend not very much money
  • Learn more about lambs and chickens (keeping them)
  • Learn more about baking bread and cakes

Off the a good start, having not crashed the safety boat when I was helping watch the kids on the lake last night.

Yay travel! Nomad life is the best life for us.

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