**Oooooops this was meant to be a post about 2015 for New Year’s and it just didn’t happen. Here it is, six months tardy. Better late than never?***

I broke my tailbone on University Hill in Boulder, Colorado in January.

I got shingles. Permanent scar like a dent on my forehead.

I went to Iceland for a wonderful honeymoon.

I saw lots of family and friends at our Stateside reception.

I moved continents twice.

I became a Senior Teacher in September.

I got tons of new freckles in Guilin.

I saved a man from drowning.

I ate bullfrog and liked it.

I had a suit made for my birthday.

I both froze my arse off and sweat it off in Shanghai.

I lost 25 pounds, possibly due to the sheer temperature changing pressures on my arse.

I became addicted to hot water.

I lived in London, Shanghai, and Louisville.

I signed a lease for our own apartment.

I started playing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I learned some Mandarin.

I made two infinity scarves.

I achieved 100,000 views on this blog.

I survived Summer Course.

I started reviewing breweries. 

I paid off a fair bit of my student loans.

I climbed the First Flatiron.

I journeyed with my awesome husband.

I grew, changed, and transformed myself for yet another year!


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