Otherworldly Fog in the Icelandic Landscape

The other night, a fog rolled in after 11 pm. Yes, the light you see in this picture is the Arctic (practically) Midnight sun, illuminating the fog and the valley we will live and work in for the next three months.

The area we live in for the summer is like an alien planet at times. It is very familiar, and yet so different. The ground is soft with moss that must be nearly a foot thick off the roads. The lake is crystal clear and a shade of blue that makes it look like someone poured landscaping dye into it. The kind used in golf courses.

We drank from a stream yesterday. When we commented that it felt very strange to drink from a stream, our house mates (Icelandic) told us that one can drink from any body of water in Iceland. It might not always taste good, but it will not hurt you. That seems alien, indeed, after a year in Shanghai where you can’t drink the tap water.

Bizarre, that something so natural as drinking water should seem so thrilling. Humans must be so generally out of touch with the natural world.

The fog followed us home until it was so thick that the sun was blocked out. The way across the power plant’s bridge became like something from a video game, where we led our bikes across and couldn’t see more than about 20 feet. A huge change from the bright sunlight.

Beautiful, changeable Iceland.

Into the sunny fog
Over the Lake, near Midnight

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