A new “Icelandic Saga” – The Nomad Saga

The Icelandic Sagas are a collection of stories written about Iceland in the Medieval Age. They are about events that may have happened but also contain a hefty dose of magic, trolls, and weirdness. We decided that we would come up with our own “Icelandic Saga” while we live here for the summer. Welcome to the Nomad Saga. 


There was a man named Russell Steveson, and his wife Coleen Marksdotter. They were adventurers who came from distant lands, and travelled all through the eastern parts of the world until they met each other on a bus in Korea. They fell in love, and instantly decided to travel the world as nomads together. They moved to Russell’s birthland, where Coleen did battle with a mighty Master and received as her boon for victory a very, very expensive piece of paper. Their time in England up, they decided to move to east once more.

A year in the distant reaches of Shanghai has gone past. Coleen and Russell stand in the small kitchen of the hive, looking out at the atmospheric rain below.

It must be time to go.

Adventure eluded them in China, with only a few small dragons sighted (not worth writing home about, really). No trolls or magical lambs or springs that one can drink coming out of the centre of the Earth. Our heroes needed a new adventure.

“Let us connect to the oracle of Google,” declared Russell. “It will know where we should go.”

They narrowed the choices. Southeast Asia. South America. Europe. Australia? So many places to go and so much indecision. The great Googlic Oracle did not help much, merely filling their minds with pictures of more places to go. Indecision was very strong; how could the nomads choose?

At that moment, an Arctic Tern slipped deftly through the kitchen window. The obviously totally out of place bird made a distinctive ‘Scawwwwwww’ noise, and as it did a piece of ancient-looking paper fell out of its beak.

A single word was written on the paper.


The Arctic Tern took a little water from the glass Coleen offered it, and scaawwwwed again. Used to long-distance migrations, it took off less than five minutes later and left. Leaving a a small white, lumpy present behind on the counter.  By then, our heroes knew where both they and the bird were headed.

Next time: Russell and Coleen arrive in Iceland and meet with a magical lake, derpy puffins, and a ghost who really hates posters on the wall. 

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