Iceland’s Highlands: Thórsmörk

Thórsmörk (Þórsmörk) is an area in the highlands of Iceland, in the Southeast of the country. It is the end point of a long trek that is very popular in summer months, the Laugavegur. It’s a long trek that takes several days, and after arriving at the valley where we stayed it is possible to continue on a trek that climbs 1000m over the mountains between two glaciers. Up to 80km walking is possible.

We only had a week and were pretty beat after working for a couple weeks without a full day off, so we opted to stay in the valley at Langidalur’s campground.

It was a little slice of paradise.

A very happy Leen, there.

Happy Travel Face


We spent our first full day in Thorsmok attempting a trail that turned out to be a little too hard for us. Here’s a preview!


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