Reykjavik Weekend: Pretending We Live Here


Some shots from our weekend in Reykjavik. It was nice to have a short break before the scout jamboree!


Reykjavik is such a cool city. There is art everywhere, for free, on the walls and down alleyways. The Airbnb place we stayed is is a neighborhood with lots of families and was only a 25 minute walk to downtown.

A pallet-themed art installation and bar (which was closed!) 

Sometimes Reykjavik feels like my childhood. That seems to be a theme of Iceland this summer. The mall’s food court in particular felt a bit like walking into 1996, in such a good nostalgic way.


I’ll be writing a couple Beer in Situ posts in coming days about the craft beer places we visited in town, but here is a little preview. Skull and Micro Bar as both great, but man are prices steep in Iceland!


We had our fair share of awesome free things to do as well. The city’s free public beach was a great stop, on the sea and with geothermal pools to dip into. The sea wasn’t even that cold!

At the beach!


I spent the last little bit of our time in Reykjavik at the Notte in Mood station, wandering around the supermarket on a quiet Sunday. It took me about 20 minutes to buy two sodas and a bar of chocolate. Why?

I was pretending that I live here.

Maybe someday.


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