Iceland’s Highlands: The Window Just Before Autumn

It’s only possible to drive this road in the height of summer, when the snow goes all the way away. If you don’t have a ‘super Jeep,’ that is. In early August, we rented a 4×4 and drove into the Highlands of Iceland across the very middle of the island.

In the two short weeks since then, the sky has started to darken completely for the first time in the whole summer. Tonight, it was suddenly dark at 10:15 PM. Autumn is rapidly approaching here, and the weather seems to already have turned.


The Highlands are like some alien planet. It was a major goal of our trip here to find ourselves in them for at least a day, and the trip lived up to our standards. Unique. Beautiful. Sorta difficult to get to.


The light plays in weird ways in Iceland, even in summer. It always seems to be at an angle. When I lived in Patagonia in 2011, I thought of it as the Land of Perpetual Twilight.


Iceland has some claim to being its sister, but somehow the light is even more playful up here.

Our Destination, Hveravellir Nature Reserve


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