Beer In Situ: Beer Lady Shanghai

It was in the last ten days of our area in Shanghai that we discovered this place, and it was well worth it. If we had found it sooner, we might not have been able to save as much money, since we’d have spent it all on wonderful beers from around the world.

I was born in the hometown of craft beer, Boulder, Colorado. I worked for Brewdog. I lived in London. I seek beer out all over the world and write about it sometimes.

I’ve never come across a selection of craft beer like the Beer Lady’s. Not anywhere!


It’s been a few months since our visit, but the place is worth posting the pictures about. You can find information about how to get there from Jiaotong University metro stop on

2 thoughts on “Beer In Situ: Beer Lady Shanghai

  1. I lived in Shanghai for a little over a year, loved the place and will be going again although this time I’m not sure for how long. If you’re around for Shanghai a bit longer you should check out a place called Kaiba near Madang road, good selection of bottles and draft.

    1. Yep, Kaiba is great! Shanghai’s beer scene is coming up, even if some of it is ‘craft beer’ and a little bit shabby. Kaiba, Beer Lady, and Jacky’s Beer Nest are all legit.

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